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Archivio N.6

/ 2023
Watercolours and varnish painted on a found wall debris
Wood shipping crate
14x10x8 cm 8,5x7,5x1,5 cm 3x1,5 cm

Archivio N.6 represents a found wall fragment  that contains a meticulously painted micro figure.
It seems to encapsulate a sense of timelessness and mystery, akin to a glimpse into a different era.
One might even speculate that it could be a fragment of a larger fresco, belonging to an uncertain
period in history, prompting us toconsider the possibilities of time travel or an ancient artistry that
still resonates in the present day.

       _Tiny Art Gallery (NL), FIG.3 & Posta Space, Sofia (BG)
       Curated by Marijn van der Leeuw
       Installation view
       Project funded by Culture Moves Europe

           © Giorgia Lo Faso 2023 



archivio N.6