/ 2019

Series of 42 watercolors painted onto the walls of my studio;
Torn off, and mounted onto linen canvases; 6.3x11.2cm each 20x30cm

Photo by Ivan Catalano


/ 2019
Installation overview:
Site specif project in my studio, Turin, IT

Trading cards have become the paintings of the pictures in my smartphone, always reproduced in the same dimension of the vision: 6.3x11.2cm (size of my mobile phone).
Trading cards have become the watercolours painted on the wallsof my studio in Turin, and they have regained their status of Trading cards when I tore them up.
These images have always been Little Figures!
While I became first painter, then I improvised myself as a restorer.

Photographs of me which have been taken by others were subsequently painted according to the size I could see them in (dimensions of my mobile phone, 6.3x11.2 cm), in a cycle of 43 watercolours frescoed on the walls of my studio, finally torn and placed on linen canvases measuring 20x30 cm each.