Figurine Piccole Figure

/ 2020-2022

Series of 100 watercolors painted onto the walls of my room;
torn off, and mounted onto linen canvases. 1,5 x 1 cm each. Variable dimenions
Graduation project Scaffolding Scaffolding, BAK basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht
Installation view

Photo Lin Chun Yao and Alëna Vinokurova

Starting from the question “Can I carry a studio in a backpack?”, and using painting as method, I explore the relation between the reproduction of digital images (reproduced to the exact same size as the digital screen of the original), the representation of the self (depicted in the images), the medium and the physical space I inhabit. Small watercolor depictions of myself appear to be walking, jumping and hiding, exploring the architecture of their temporary dwelling. The depictions, which were extrapolated from a selection of smartphone images, seem to disappear through holes, cracks, crevices, and into the texture of the wall plaster itself. The realization that my current home will be demolished in the near future, pushed me to delve deeper into the concepts of studio and space, which resulted in the idea to use my room as both studio and artwork. The room was subdivided into sections and the watercolors were torn off the walls by means of strappo, atechnique applied in the field of art conservation in which the topmost layer of plaster, which has absorbed the pigments of the painted surface, is lifted and removed, after which it is applied to a new support. Based on the multiple temporalities inherent in this multistage process of (de)materialization, I searched for a way to formulate time as a container of images, seeing painting as a means to continuously translate digital memories into a new, physical space.    


Self-publication, newspaper
Printed on recicled paper, 55gsm, 12 pages


“Scaffolding Scaffolding”

Graduation project HKU MAFA
BAK basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht
Installation view

Photo Lin Chun Yao and Alëna Vinokurova

figurine piccole figure