/ 2023 _ ongoing
UV fluorescent pigments and varnish applied onto wall fragments. Portable UV-lamps.
Approximately 3 x 1,5 cm each. 
Dimensions variable
Courtesy of the artist

                                                     _Installation view, detail

Experimenting with luminescence, an optical phenomenon that releases a certain amount of light, which can
last for hours or days if exposed for a long time to UV or natural light, a constellation of images slowly unveil themselves.
They appear in the darkness like fireflies, lucciole,  minuscule images that are glimpsed, shining for a few moments before gradually
dimming.  Engaged in the creation of a site-specific installation, I daily painted glow-in-the dark images onto several wall pieces.
These pieces, physically detached from my studio in Utrecht, were carefully carried in my luggage, layered amidst clothes and underwear.

Informed by restoration methods, my approach has been deeply influenced by the study of how conservator employ various imaging techniques. These methods such as the use of ultraviolet lights allow gathering information imperceptible to the naked eye. It provides
insights into material origins, its journey through time, offering clues about its provenance and historical trajectory. People navigating the exhibition using portable UV lights slowly  activate the installation.
Images seem to emerge from the depths of an unknown space, appearing distant in the darkness.

The work in part on on ongoing project developed during a residency period at BEAST AIR  on the island of
Bornholm during the month of December 2023.


                                                                      _Lucciole, Totem. 2023
                                                                      UV fluorescent pgments, water and varnish painted on wall fragments
                                                                      Approximately 75 x 40 cm
                                                                     © Giorgia Lo Faso 2023


       _Lucciole, 2023
       UV fluorescent pgments, water and varnish  painted on several walls debris. Portable UV-lamps.
       Installation view at Beast  AIR, Bornholm,  DK
       © Giorgia Lo Faso 2023

        _Lucciole, 2023  
       UV fluorescent pgments, water and varnish painted on walls 
       Site-specific intervention at Beast  AIR, Bornholm, DK
       © Giorgia Lo Faso 2023