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/ 2022
Self-published newspaper.
Printed on recicled paper
55gsm, 12 pages
12 copies

Printed by Newspaperclub, UK

HKU MAFA graduation show exhibition newspaper. 


/ 2019
Self-published stickers album
Unique,  56 pages
Pages 120 g/m² matte satin paper
Cover 350 g/m² glossy laminated cardboard

Printed by FigurineItalia - Mye Srl

FIGURINE 2019 album is my personal cataloging of Figurine project: a long selection of photos extracted from my phone archive that depict myself between 2018 and 2019.  These  photograph were  taken by others (never selfies), sent to me or found in various folders, later painted in the same dimensions as the screen view (dimensions of my cell phone, 6.3x11.2 cm), in a series of 43 watercolors frescoed on the walls of my studio, eventually torn off and relocated onto 20x30 cm linen canvases each.

As “Stickers Album” in Italian is  litireally translated as “Figurine Album,” the sticker album becomes a third phase, but also a play on words. Right after painting and tearing them off, I remember going to the first newsstand near my house to study the graphics of sticker albums better and buy some copies. “

“Do you have sticker albums?”
“Only Cucciolotti or Beyblade.”
“Don’t you have any football ones?”
“Look, I’ll give you this one because it’s the last copy and I haven’t sold it”: Calciatori Panini 2018.

Figurine 2019 was presented in March 2019 as a thesis for the MA program at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin.

                                    _Copyleft, 2019
                                   Graduation show, Albertina Academy, Turin (IT)