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The Stolen Wall

/ 2020
Attempts to remove a painted image, Utrecht
Single-channel video projection, 2k, 9’ 02’’ (loop)

Camera - Lin Chun Yao
Link for video:

As the pandemic trapped us inside our minds and our homes, I initiated a process of reconsideration
of the significance of studio space.Through a sequence of deliberate actions and endeavors, I strove to reclaim fragments of space, reshaping my perspective on the role of the artist’s workspace in the face of evolving circumstances and personal transformations. The limitations imposed by lockdowns prompted me to question the conventional boundaries of a studio, often viewed as a dedicated physical space. As I embarked on this journey, it became evident that the notion of a studio transcended its physical existence and extended into the realm of the mind and the creative process.

This realization prompted a reevaluation of how an artist’s workspace must evolve, expanding to encompass the intangible aspects of imagination, emotion, and introspection. These spaces were not confined solely to the physical realm; they also had a temporal and psychological dimension. It was through this perspective shift that I began to perceive the studio as a dynamic and adaptable concept, capable of molding itself to a multitude of circumstances and needs.

       _The stolen wall, 2020
       Video still

       _The stolen wall, 2020
       Video still
        _The stolen wall, 2020
         Photo Lin Chun Yao  



_The stolen wall, 2020

Group exhibition, THE CREATIVE ROOM #3 NAVIGATING THE CITY,  installation view
Curated by a.topos Venice SPARC*Spazio Arte Contemporanea, Venice

the stolen wall